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Complete Plumbing, Sewer & Drain Cleaning

About Us:

Advanced Plumbing, Heating & AC is a beacon of excellence in the Lubbock area, offering unparalleled services in plumbing, heating, and cooling. Owned and managed by RMP Steve Fuller, our commitment is to bring you quality service. Whether it’s an emergency leak, a heating malfunction on a cold night, or routine maintenance, we’re here for you.


Plumbing Services:

  • All Drain Lines: Ensuring smooth flow and blockage-free plumbing.
  • Remove All Roots: Say goodbye to root intrusions in your plumbing lines.
  • Video Camera Inspection: High-tech diagnosis for accurate problem detection.
  • Leak Detection: Quick and efficient spotting of even the smallest of leaks.
  • Water Heaters: Installation and maintenance for continuous hot water supply.
  • Floor Drains: Keeping your floors dry and safe.
  • Bathtubs & Toilets: Modern installations and prompt repairs.
Commercial Plumbing
  • Hydro Sewer Cleaning: Powerful cleaning to keep your sewers clog-free.
  • Water Lines: Efficient water line installations and repairs.
  • Repair Slab Leaks: Expert solutions for those troublesome leaks.
  • Disposals: Safe and efficient waste disposal solutions.
  • Trenchless Pipe Repair: Modern, less intrusive pipe repair solutions.

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Complete Plumbing, Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Heating & Cooling Services:

  • Central Air Systems: Keeping your space uniformly cool and comfortable.
  • Energy Efficient Systems: Save energy, keep your premises cozy and save a little green.
  • Split-System AC – Ductless: Modern cooling solutions for the modern home.
  • Air Purification Systems: Breathe cleaner and healthier air indoors.
  • Systems Design: Customized heating and cooling solutions for unique needs.
  • Compressors & Condensers: Efficient machinery for optimal performance.
  • Ventilation: Promote a healthier living environment with good airflow.
  • Heat Pumps: Modern, energy-saving solutions for warmth.

Service Areas:

Proudly serving Lubbock, TX and its Surrounding Areas.